Friday, October 20, 2006

artworks that I appreciate

In no specific dated order. What do these artworks have in common? They are all done by women. (that first one is made out of CLAY!!)


Danae said...


a skull!!! :)

those are interesting pieces u picked out.

especially of the women and animals.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I out the skull one just for you.

I love the very first and the very last one. That last one (by Artemesia Gentileschi) is awesome. It's the best rendition of Judith beheading Holofernes that I've ever seen. Powerful piece.

You like the Marisol piece? The one with the block women and dog?

Miguel son of Margarito said...

My goodness that last one is Intense! Incredibly. Like, it is very visceral. What is the story behind that?

Massi said...

These are very interesting. First, that one with the lady laying in bed smoking reminds me of me. The dark hair and hair line reminds me of me. Second one to last, what is the story behind that? Looks very familiar. I thought the one with I dunno what they are, ladies with box like figures standing with the dog in it..that was pretty cool.

Danae said...

those boots are incredible for clay.

Jessica said...

This story was captured by many painters in the rennaissance and baroque(the time this particular painting was made) time periods.

"The Old Testament narrates the episode of Judith who saved her city of Bethulia from the siege of Holofernes, general of the Assyrian king Nabucodonosor, by killing him after a banquet at which he had been made drink, beheading him and bringing his head to his fellow citizens (Judith ch. 10-13)."

Jessica said...

Yes, I chose that painting with the woman lying in bed because I loved the colors and patterns. And I appreciate her unique beauty, and the realness of it all.
The Marisol piece (with the box figures) isn't my favorite, but I thought it was worth putting in because it's different and something you've never seen before. Also, I don't think very many people equate women with being sculptors as they do with them being painters.

Jessica said...

Yeah, Marilyn Levine (that did the boots) is one of my favorite artists and one of the reasons I got into clay. I got to do a workshop once with one of her 'collegues' you could say. I call him a colleague because he does the same kind of trop l'oiel (fool the eye) work with clay. His name is Vicotr Spinski.

Danae said...

coming to america and somewhere in time. awesome. my mom and i used to watch somewhere in time a LOT. it was her fav. i grew to like it.

Jessica said...

I love Somewhere in Time. It's one of the most romantic movies of all time. Everytime I watch it and Christopher Reeves gets sucked back to the future, I gasp!!

Danae said...

aww. yeah, it is romantic. have you seen the original pride and prejudice film? i was sucked into that one, then got depressed. i loved the two characters. it was so exciting. titanic made me want to die. but that's mainly when jack drowned. i was so mad. i cried at someof the LOTR scenes. dude, Dumbo, Bambi, Fox and Hound, Fivel, all made me cry. As did probably every disney cartoon from our generation.

i can't watch romance too much or i will go on a downard spiral! haha. that's what it feels like.

but i want to live a life of romance. i want everything to be romantic.