Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Best Things in LIFE

This blog post was meant to be...... and here is why. I was thinking about how a few years ago a friend/mentor of mine had me write a list of 10 things each day that made me happy/that I loved. It always makes me think of Hall and Oates because 1)I love Hall and Oates, 2)I think in songs and movie quotes and 3)Hall and Oates has an actual list of the best things in life. So, I'm here uploading the pics of my old lists, listening to my shuffled songs on my old ipod and then RIGHT when I'm about to start writing guess what song comes on? 

Of all the best things in life on Hall and Oates' list, YOUR kiss is on it. 

Also, some hilarious internet person made this. Haaaaa

So here is my list of the best things in life:

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