Thursday, October 08, 2015

Working Towards the Goal of the Ultimate Halloween Costume (or My Own Criterion Collection)

Halloween is coming up and I've been thinking long and hard about what I will dress up as this year. You may think that adults shouldn't dress up for Halloween, to which I say, "I do what I want!". Being an artistic person, that is not an option. More and more each year, I've discovered that I have a love for meeting two criteria in my costumes:
Criteria 1: not very many people will recognize me
Criteria 2: not many people will even get who/what I'm trying to be
Bonus criteria: the costume represents a person/idea that is feminist in that it is a person/idea that is bold, strong, a role model

I haven't always hit these criteria, but that is usually the ultimate goal. Below are some examples of a few of my adult Halloween costumes over the years.

1. Jessica Rabbit-probably only hitting Criteria 2 because some younger folk did not know who I was
This was quite some time ago...
I actually had my hair dyed for this costume and I ordered the dress in the mail which was much more skimpy than I thought it would be, but I went with it. I was pretty fit at the time, so I think I pulled it off decently.

2. A Beatnik/60's Modster- I could do this in so many ways and feel like I'd like to revisit this and do it better next time. Criteria 2- for having to explain to people what a beatnik was--smh. Bonus criteria for female beatniks that didn't go along with social norms of the times.

I wore my mother's old girl scout uniform over a black tank top. I used the same girl scout uniform to actually dress up as a girl scout years earlier. 

3. April O'Neil (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)- so one year I was at the Melody Inn with my friend, Mike and we were both thrilled when we saw a dude with an awesome Shredder costume. He was happy that we didn't think he was Darth Vader like everyone else did. I knew then that I would be April O'Neil the next year. Criteria 2 (for having to explain who I was) and Bonus(for April O'Neil being a badass). Easy.

Yellow jumpsuit? check. Microphone? check. Toy Raphael in my front pocket? check.

4. Jem (from Jem and the Holograms)-80's kids (especially girls) knew this one. A very small age range. Definitely hitting Criteria 1 and 2. A lot of people didn't recognize me at first! Definitely one of my funnest costumes! I would say Jem gets the bonus criteria for being bold and following her dream to be a rockstar!

It was really fun to do this makeup! I don't know about you, but I still have my Jem dolls AND my Jem cassette tape and I would like to point out that it still rocks....and that they actually sing a bizzare song called, 'Friend or Stranger' which talks about turning a stranger into a friend?! Great job at protecting children, 1980's.

5. Hipster-this one was a low-key, didn't want to think about it year. Criteria--none? 
So many scarves. 

6. Courtney Love- Criteria 2 and Bonus- There were definitely only a select few that got this one right away.

The smeared lipstick and 90's babydress with lingerie sticking out helped.

7. A Roy Lichtenstein Painting- Criteria 1 (even some of my best friends didn't recognize me until I GOT IN THEIR FACE) and Criteria 2-unless you know anything about Art History, you probably had no idea that I represented a painting by 60's Pop Artist, Roy Lichtenstein. If people still didn't get it, I just told them I was a comic character---see? The pixles?

I definitely had fun doing the makeup on this one. I created my thought balloon by attaching it to my headband. (not sure why this is blurry, but I don't feel like fixing it right now)

BONUS COSTUME-This one wasn't on Halloween, but last year, when teaching about Pop Art, I got a wild hair to show up to class as Andy Warhol. Many of my students jumped when they saw me, or they thought they had a sub. Others took one look at me and said, "Hello, Mr. Warhol, are you going to be our teacher today?" It was a super fun day. And they paid attention that day!

My adult Halloween costumes that aren't pictured (because I can't find the pictures)-
Flamenco dancer
1920's Flapper (that I actually wore to vote in with a sash that said, 'Votes for Women')
I don't remember......

So what am I going to be this year? Aha! You wish! I shall not divulge my secret just yet.

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