Monday, October 23, 2006

The Window

The Window

you are my bread
and the hairline noise
of my bones
you are almost
the sea

you are not stone
or molten sound
I think
you have no hands

this kind of bird flies backwards
and this love
breaks on a windowpane
where no light talks

this is not the time
for crossing tongues
(the sand here
never shifts)

I think
turned you with his toe
and you will
and shine
unspent and underground

by Diana DiPrima


Danae said...

i love this. love her style. if i were to read this w/out knowing you had already read it.. i would say, "jessica would dig this."

it's in the style of you and jack. :)

Jessica said...

Well, she hung around those guys (the beats) a lot back then--so that's why. I appreciate it because they accepted her more than they did other women around the time. She's definetely a talented lady.

Danae said...

oh okay. interesting. the beats.

i liked jacks shy face.. and when the dude asked hiim if he was still nervous, he had the look like, nah man.. im cool.

that's hilarious.

and then he mentioned he's catholic. im reiterating what u said.

Jessica said...

that's okay. It's cool that you appreciate all the parts that I appreciate. Ha!

Danae said...

i know, i love it.