Monday, August 31, 2015

Celebrities That People Have Told Me I Look/Am Like (This One Goes to 11)

I'm sure everyone at some point has had someone tell them they look like someone else. Sometimes it's, 'you remind me of this person I used to know' or  'you laugh just like my friend Joanna'. Then there's the the good old celebrity comparison. While, it can often be construed as a compliment, there are others that may seem not as palatable a comparison.
I have this theory that there are only a certain number of 'looks' in the world. I've tried to research via the web to see if anyone else had the same idea, but I've come up pretty dry. Perhaps this will be an investigation that will produce a new list! 
So, what I was thinking was, while some of these people  you are about to see look nothing like me (and others do), maybe there is something we all have in common. Hopefully, it's not our Howard Hughes-like toenails....

I will try to put them in the order that they were named to me. I make no apologies for the ridiculousness of some of these that look NOTHING like me. In the words of Shaggy, "It wasn't me". 

1. Claire Danes

I added 90's photos of her because this is when people were telling me I looked like her. My So Called Life was huge. I had the same haircut, was 'alternative' (they called us 'freaks', 'Nirvana-people' and 'Nations' at my school) and had loads and loads of teen angst (oh! woe is me!! My life is soooo hard! I'm a teeeeenagerrr!!). All my Mother. 

2. Betty Grable

I was also a teenager when compared to Betty Grable. I was pretty sure the dude that walked up to me in the mall to tell me that was insane. Okay, okay...he didn't walk up to me. My friend Nicole and I decided that day that we were going to make friends with the nerdiest boys our age that we could find at the mall and hung out with them all day. This one apparently had a thing for silver screen beauties. Betty Grable was actually pregnant in her most famous image....which is why she's showing off her backside. I'm not sure where this boy got the comparison. I do have a backside. I'm not blond, but I might have been at the time because I had dyed my hair platinum back then in an attempt to be more like Gwen Stefani (yeah..) and I definitely did my hair in 50's styles quite a bit. 

3. Molly Shannon

This one made me kind of mad at first because I'm younger than her...but I do kinda see it. Also, maybe it's that I'm the funniest chick you know. :p

4. Naomi Watts

I'm not even putting a second picture. This one is ridiculous. The person was probably on drugs. She is like a 12. In my dreams.

5. Corin Tucker

I have mixed feelings about this. Corin Tucker is in one of my favorite bands of all time (SleaterKinney) and freaking rocks. Looks wise--I see some similarities. Some I like and some I do not like.

6. Pam (from The Office)

I've heard that I look like Pam more than anyone else on this list. I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with her and I kind of almost think that is why he dated me.... She is a pretty average woman for tv (or at least they make her so). But, in real life, she's hot. I'll take it.

7. Christina Applegate

Hahahahahah! Yeah right.  Okay, we have the same shaped face and deep set eyes. That's about it. 

8. Flo from the Progressive commercials

No. Please no. She is so annoying.

9. Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Girl

I'm definitely not overly attached. Or even attached at all. But, yes. I do look like this girl. Weird.

10. Kimmie Schmidt

Hmmm....another quirky, eccentric, nerdy, socially awkward, kinda cute girl. STOP TYPECASTING ME, PEOPLE!!!!

11. April Ludgate

Okay, I get it. I'm pretty cynical and say 'like' a lot and speak in a very monotoned voice. But, life is hard, dudes. I'm still not quite over the angst...but it's getting better. 

This all reminds me of another one that I almost forgot!


So, this one time..I was watching Daria and my sister was like, "Ugh...she is so annoying. You're Daria!" to which I replied, "You're Quinn!!" And we both, I think, walked away uninsulted by each other's insults.

As an addendum, I would like to add a list to this list of celebrities that I WISH people would tell me I look like.

Portia de Rossi

Kate from Lost (I've watched the entire show three times and I always forget her real name and I was too lazy to look for it). 

Zooey Deschanel
Let's face it. I'm pretty much Jess from New Girl. My name is Jessica. I'm eccentric, quirky, I teach middle school and I want to date that hot, slacker dude she ends up dating on the show.

Charlize Theron

Jane (but, doesn't everyone?)

This has been way more self-involved than I intended. Please forgive. I hope you enjoyed. 


Samantha Snyder said...

I only ever get Angelina Jolie. which I attribute to lips, cheek bones and forehead.

Jessica said...

Yes! I can see Angelina!