Sunday, November 09, 2008

Define feminine for me?

I haven't posted on this particular blog in a long while. Maybe I have too many blogs. Some things I look back on and I am like...ugh. I don't know how I feel about what I said. Ideas, thoughts, views, thoughts change as we learn more and mature more....hopefully for the better.

Me and Danae were discussing the other day how it seems like the word 'feminine' and anything considered 'feminine' is thought of as a 'bad' thing. I really don't like the idea that a trait that is considered only female is bad. First of all, people are so vastly different. 
Our personalities are so amazingly unique. Who decides who is being to 'girly' or 'wussy'? What is 'girly'? What does it mean to be feminine? Why is is wrong?

Why is it wrong to be a woman? It just really pains me that people think this. It's like a slap in the face.

Maybe being female is strong. Maybe feminine is powerful. 


miguel said...

To pit masculinity over femininity is a sad view already. And the equation of "femininity" with something bad is just as sore.

I think to many cultural-ideological associations are doing more of the defining of terms than the original definition of terms. However, this is the nature of language and hence it's characteristic contextual ambiguities.

While it may be difficult to discern what are distortions and what is really real...I celebrate femininity.

After all I came from the feminine womb...and a wonderful feminine womb brought forth my three wonderful masculums!

Good to see you sista. Peace to you in NYC.

(Masculum: A new word referring to the male species and a derivation of masculine.)

miguel said...

I must add to this more...

I could say so much more to how I celebrate the wonderful image bearing distinctiveness of God in the woman.

Without Danae, my wife I would have less appreciation for life and living it. My wife's femininity has taught and continues to teach me how to relate and communicate in new ways that have and will always enrich me towards becoming more of what God has made me in my masculinity.

In other words, I fail to become a man and grow in my manhood without the feminine soul.

While there are distinctions of all types - ontologically, existentially and spiritually - the feminine soul like the masculine soul serve one another to become more integrated with what God has made us to be and become.

Did I fail to mention that femininity is sexually attractive?

Ooooh Danae.

Jessica said...

aw! Those are great comments, Mig!


Danae said...

im glad you posted, Jessica.